Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feels like Summer

What a terrific Holiday this has been! Sunny and 75 degrees for the week before New Years and after. The sunsets have been spectacular on the coast. I drove down to Newport last night for dinner along PCH admiring the sunset over Catalina.

No Christmas is complete without a visit to the Farmers Market during the Holidays. I had to stop and pick up some toffee as xmas gifts and got this shot.

I went to the Getty with Karen with the best of intentions the day after New Years. Word of advice, NEVER do that. Karen and I decided that visiting the Getty the day after New Years is right up there with visiting New York City in the middle of the summer. Great in theory but in reality, awful.

Met Jim to take photos and a movie during this past week. On my way back to the 10, I saw this truck at Olympic and La Brea. Had to stop and get the shot ( and a great al pastor taco).