Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sing-a-long Grease at the Bowl

Had a wonderful weekend at home. Went with Tami, Dante and Dante's future wife, Emma to the bowl on Friday night for the sing-a-long to Grease. Emma was enraptured with the whole experience, Dante was up for about half of the movie and then crashed. Woke up at the end of the movie and "wanted to see it again" Next year buddy.
John Travolta looked mighty fine in this movie. I forgot how thin he use to be. Or for that matter how thin we all use to be.
dinner with Jim at Cube. Fresh tagliatelle with fennel sausage bolognese and fava beans and pecorino romano. So fresh and so good. I love that restaurant!
Unfortunately every day ends with a climb up the stairs. Looked back last night and snapped this shot. I do not miss this while I am gone. Moving is going to be a bitch.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

last week

Action packed last week. Spent most of my time in Monterey and the Santa Cruz area with the local franchise owners. Brought my camera and thought I'd get some shots in but long days and a complete lack of imagination conspired against me this week.

Stayed at a hotel right by the beach and the old boardwalk. Took some photos but all dreck. This is in the arcade area on the boardwalk

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Had a terrific vacation this past weekend. Went to Miami with my homegirl, Tami and just chilled for a few days at the Hotel of South Beach. Just a great place, from the location and rooms to the staff. We took a red eye in from LA and arrived at 7 am. Desk clerk let us check in early with no questions. This is the third time that I have stayed at the hotel and I would recommend to anyone. The first night, we had dinner at the hotel's restaurant "Wish" and had a terrific 5 course tasting meal. Ate at the bar while the last of the Central American storm that destroyed Guatamala blew through Florida and met some interesting people.

Beautiful lobby with a cool veranda that looks out on Collins and the crowds that drift by on their way to Ocean Ave.

Tami's new drink of choice. She grilled the bartenders on how to make so I think it might be making a SoCal appearance at the house this summer.

Went to Joe's Stone Crab on Saturday and then after spent time on Ocean drive taking some photos. The spicy rock shrimp and grits were my favorite dish. Unfortunately, stone crab is now out of season so you have to "make do" with other menu items. Had a wonderful soft shell crab entree instead.

Food display in front of the Colony hotel. Tami wanted to name it "bad day for a fish"