Wednesday, February 23, 2011

highs and lows

Just got back from Denver tonight. I had meetings with Safeway and with the traditional franchise operator the past few days.
I forgot what I hated about Denver until the plane was about to land on Tuesday. The pilot announced that "it will be a little bumpy coming into Denver".
What he should have said was " the plane will shudder like God has it in his firm grip and is shaking the plane like a baby's rattle". THAT would be closer to the actual landing.

Once on the ground, I had a pretty good visit. Charles and I had breakfast at Little Anita's on Broadway. Potato and bacon burritos with green chili. That was good! I was gulping water for an hour after to control the burn in my gut.

Saw this driving through Littleton on our way to the Highland's Ranch store. I wonder if Idiot lane is close by. Jackass Hill could you imagine that as your address?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

thank you so much

To whoever adjusted the stop sign at Beachwood and Scenic, thanks so much. I can not get Steve Perry out of my head now. I hated that song in 1983 and I hate it now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'll get that done later

I was suppose to spend this weekend packing up all my possessions for the impending move....

Suppose to but instead I grab my camera and spent Saturday taking pictures. I took the shot above in Silverlake. I've photographed this wall before but wasn't satisfied with the results. This turned out much better with the light and newer camera.

Liked this shot outside of the 101 cafe on Franklin. Felt like a paparazzi in the stealth shot. Most people today don't like getting their pictures taken. He didn't notice.
Still the best place to see a movie. Karen and I had dinner and then a movie on Friday. The King's Speech is playing in the dome. Not sure that should be seen in that large of a screen but ok.
Gave up on attempting to pack and have called a moving company to do the move next week.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Headed West

Preparing for my move to the beach and a new environment. I will miss my neighborhood. Been here for so long. I am spending the last few weeks just kicking around and making note of the things that I have taken for granted over the past few years. It always seems to be like that.

When I moved from Arizona, I panicked because I hadn't gone to the Grand Canyon in all the time that I had lived there. I went a week before I left.
When I lived on Miami Beach, I spent the last week walking around just looking at the buildings and beach that I really hadn't considered in the time I had lived there. Kind of like that Ral Donner song, "you don't know what you've got until you lose it".
On Sunset this afternoon and saw the signs above by the Palladium. Must be shooting a scene from Southland around the neighborhood.

Had to go to Phoenix on business yesterday. what seemed like a fairly simple half day gig turned into a long day and late flight back to Burbank.
This is what it felt like when I finally got off the plane at 10 pm.

Monday, February 7, 2011

This past weekend's highlights

Had lunch with a dog.
Chris and Tami's next door neighbors had a event at their house on Saturday to celebrate the new year. Lots of dancing and drumming. Very interesting to watch.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazy Good

I am in the middle of writing my annual performance review. I struggle with the process each year. Having to go through and rate my own performance and then recap my objectives and goals is not something I can do in one sitting. I made a vow though that this year I would get this done ahead of schedule and be very detailed on my performance. I am almost finished.
Took a break in the afternoon to get a quick bite. I was craving tacos so I went to one of my favorite local spots, Cactus Tacos #1 on Vine street. I love the al pastor tacos with cheese and avocado. The place is a dive and down the street from the Hollywood Mental health clinic so at times it can make for an interesting dining experience. Quiet today though. Back to my computer and this %$@! review.