Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years

Drove up from LA today for Kathryn's wedding tomorrow. Jim and I are the photographers of record. Hopefully we won't mess up. Stopped on the Marin side to take this shot. I had to open the lens wayyyy up and set the exposure for 30 secs. Liked how it turned out. I was game to stay and take more of the bridge and the city but Jim was freezing and not appreciative of my artistic efforts.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


So the sun sets on Christmas 2009. Spent the week in Newport Beach with the family. Nice getaway. Had a place right on the beach, lots of lolling about and watching the surfers try out their new boards. Little blue without my dad but we had lots of memories of the beach and talked a lot about good times past. The weather cooperated as well and we had balmy weather all week.

Friday, December 18, 2009

you might be a red neck......

Stopped for gas on the way back from Tampa this afternoon and went in for some coffee. Almost came out with this deal.......

Thursday, December 17, 2009

'twas the week before Christmas

And I am on a friggin business trip. No presents for anyone this year. Maybe a unused sleeping mask from Jet Blue, a bag of uneaten peanuts from Southwest..... I am definitely not in the mood. Have had a cold for about two months and can't stop coughing. I know, boo hoo poor me! Looking forward to the start of next year and only have to travel on the West Coast. Started this week up in NYC, got a killer deal on a hotel on 42nd street. Got to see my cousin Nancy, have a hot dog and wander about Time Square in addition to getting some work done. In Florida right now setting up the Florida Gulf Coast opening. Beautiful weather today

Thursday, December 10, 2009

San Francisco

Just finishing up with meetings this week at the support center. Spent this afternoon playing tour guide to the Newark Partners.We trolled the city for photo opps. I forgot how beautiful the city really is. It was their first trip and it was nice seeing San Francisco through their eyes.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving, the holiday I give myself and this year, like others I seem to wind up in Vegas. I think in the past ten years,I've spent at least eight years observing the start of our national land grab from the native americans in Las Vegas.
I gotta admit, I do kind of enjoy it.I had to spend time there prior because of work commitments but now, it just seems like my own personal tradition. Not as crowded as you'd think midweek and well, Vegas is Vegas. Spent this year with an ex-stripper from LA going down memory lane. Definitely one for the books. You've gotta love someone who borrows money from you and says "put it on my tab".
This is Downtown on Fremont. I love the neon and the color.
Binion's is the best for $3 blackjack and their steakhouse isn't too bad either. Harrahs owns it now and it wasn't quite as Old School (seedy) as I remembered it but good.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas comes early

Seems like Christmas starts earlier each year. You can usually count on Capital Records to have their tree on top of the building lit the day after Thanksgiving. Driving home from dinner with Dana and Bill in the Valley last night and boom! already up and lit! When did that happen?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Umami Burger and the LA Zoo

Spent the afternoon with the Damianos at the LA Zoo. It was Dante's first time to visit a zoo and he seemed singularly unimpressed most of the time. He was excited before, "we're going to the zoo, Z-O-O" but once there....... not so much.
Went to Umami Burger on Hollywood Blvd in the old Cobra's and Matador's spot beforehand and he really liked that. Tami, Chris and I ordered four burgers and cut them up to share. The lamb burger was the bomb. Also ordered the tempura malt beer battered onion rings and sweet potato fries as sides. I was mildly uneasy that Dante would not be happy as he is a bit of a picky eater and will let you know in no uncertain terms if he is not happy with the restaurant choice. Chicken fingers, PB& J sandwiches, pasta and pizza are young Master Damiano's favorites right now and none of which were on the very small menu.
Surprisingly, he was quite taken with the O-rings and polished off an order by himself. Tami thought ahead and brought his lunch but he really got into the rings. As a reward for eating everything and being so good, Chris ordered Dante the homemade ice cream sandwich. That was good! the texture of the sandwich and the flavor was sublime. Dante very begrudgingly let each of us have a bite. Here is his expression while eating it:

We made it to the zoo and it started well

but after an hour..... "you've seen one animal, you've seen them all. Can we go yet?"

Even the lion roaring in his cage failed to impress Dante. I love the look of bored indifference on his face. I can just hear him on Monday at school, "I was forced to go to the Zoo this weekend. There are so many other things we could have done"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

day of the dead

Spent part of the day in downtown LA with Jim for the day of the dead festival on Olvera street. Lots of interesting shots. Eating my heart out over the ones I didn't take.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Just spent two days in Chicago with the Northwestern University operator. The fall colors were spectacular. Spent this past weekend driving my Mom around looking for the colors to change in Tahoe and nothing!

Should have brought her with me for this trip.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New York

Fall in New York. Beautiful weather while I've been here. A little windy but clear and warm. Had a chance after work each day to walk around and explore. Been a good trip.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Home for two days. Dante's 5th birthday this afternoon. He was out of his gourd and my ears were ringing for about 2 hours after the party. Went with Jim to Musso and Franks for dinner. Vodka martinis and sitting at the counter watching the chef grill meat. Doesn't get much better than that on a fall evening.
Well.......perhaps if Cal had stepped up and kicked USC's ass but I knew that wasn't going to happen. What a depressing season and we still have to play Stanford. I need another martini.....

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Just finished a trip to the Bahamas. Had a slamming room with a view and quite the nasty cold. Nothing worse then being in paradise and feeling like crap. Went to the fish fry in downtown Nassau for my conch fritters. Wish I could have tasted them without the lingering back taste of Hall mentho-lyptus

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In the area for a few days and spent the evening in South Beach. Hot and humid but devoid of a lot of tourists so that was very nice. Heading home early tomorrow for a few days. Hopefully the fires and smoke have abated some. Looked like a nuclear device went off over Pasadena last week.

Monday, August 17, 2009

normal weekend

Home for the weekend and Kathryn came down to hang out. Nice to just spend the weekend doing the same things that normal people do. Left the Blackberry at home and crammed as much in as possible. Went to the Getty and wondered what my final artistic mark would be on the world surrounded by all the paintings and master works. Kathryn thinks I obsess too much.

we had lunch with Dana and Bill at Jose Andres' Bazar . Very good. I'd suggest lunch versus dinner. We were able to have a long lunch with out being rushed and had outstanding service and food. Each plate was wonderful and we left without feeling like we had gorged.

Finished the weekend with brunch on Sunday with the Damianos (Dante was quite taken with Kathryn) at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Had our obligatory celebrity sighting and then went to the movies. Finished the day at Loteria at the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax.
Did I mention that it was 75 degrees all weekend long. Perfect for Kathryn's visit. She doesn't like to sweat.
Monday came too quickly. Back to the Salt Mines

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend in LA

Been a nice respite but heading back out tonight. Here is a shot from last night. Weather has been fabulous. Suppose to be hot when I return. Raining in Boston right now. Yeech!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Home for a week! Good for me! This was the sunrise this morning from the patio. The one upside to working with stores on the East Coast is that I am forced to get up earlier to be available. I can workout early and I get to see some killer sunrises. Going to the bowl tomorrow with Dana and a dinner date each night to get caught up with you all. Miss. Allamand will be visiting this weekend as well so this is a good week.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Had my Pop's memorial service this weekend. My sisters did a phenomenal job putting everything together and a huge call out to Annie's best friend Tami for all she did. La Famile Damiano came up as well for support. Much appreciated and love to them.

Here's a shot of the last place we got to go as a family for a vacation. North shore of Tahoe. One of my Pop's favorite places.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jepepy's birthday

It's the boy's 21st birthday and to celebrate, we went to Jar for a steak dinner and cocktail. Young Mr. Storm is currently downing Singapore Slings in honor of Hunter S. Thompson. I told him that consuming drinks named after cities or states dissipates after your 30th. He is turning into a wonderful young adult. David Fincher,one of Jep's heros, was sat at the table next to us and Jep had to go to the bathroom to compose himself and I think, text every film school buddy about Mr. Fincher. It was mildly amusing to watch Jepepy struggle to make conversation with me while watching the next table. Thankfully for all of us , Jep refrained from leaning over and telling Mr. Fincher how much he loved Fight Club and Benjamin Button.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back home

Caught an afternoon flight back from Nor-Cal. Took the back way home from Barham. I caught the lake and view at just the right time. I love the shortcut and the fact that no tourists know it either. I can put up with idiots standing in the middle of my street to take the picture of the sign but not up here.

Friday, July 10, 2009

hollywood bowl

it's that time of year again!! Susanne Desmond, ex-girl trainer went with me to opening night. Great wine, music and spending time with Susanne. Sergio Mendes was the headliner

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new york

Spent the last two days in NYC. Had to do a supervisor certification class with our Jet Blue operator at the terminal and then went into Manhattan for the night. Long day and I was wiped out. Took a red eye from Burbank and thought I'd get some sleep. WRONG! a crying baby kept everyone up and on edge. I thought the kid would stop once we got in the air but what lungs. The little boy wailed from takeoff to landing.
I got to my hotel and then wandered a bit with my camera. Took some nice shots of Grand Central but not much more.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


here in Scottsdale, doing some re-training at the two Safeway kiosks. Unseasonable cool, mid 80s all week so far. Was actually looking forward to some hot, hot weather but nothing so far.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

More of Gladding McBean

feats of clay or how I spent my afternoon with old people in an really hot building on a really hot day

In sacramento and spending time with my dad and mom. Wanted to get mom out of the house and do something normal so we went to Lincoln for the Annual Feats of Clay tour. In Lincoln, the Gladding McBean terra cotta factory has been producing most of the architectural terra cotta facades on buildings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and points in between since 1875. Most of the buildings and the facades on them in downtown LA , that I have been obsessed with and photographed, were produced in Lincoln.

The tour was ok. Lots of old people, a group of annoying women in red hats and in touch with their inner diva that apparently couldn't shut up for the tour guide to explain what we were seeing.

Did I also mention that it was 100 degrees today and we were in a building that was actually firing items up in the kiln? Yeah it was hot

Not a lot of great shots, I had trouble with the light in the building.