Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jepepy's birthday

It's the boy's 21st birthday and to celebrate, we went to Jar for a steak dinner and cocktail. Young Mr. Storm is currently downing Singapore Slings in honor of Hunter S. Thompson. I told him that consuming drinks named after cities or states dissipates after your 30th. He is turning into a wonderful young adult. David Fincher,one of Jep's heros, was sat at the table next to us and Jep had to go to the bathroom to compose himself and I think, text every film school buddy about Mr. Fincher. It was mildly amusing to watch Jepepy struggle to make conversation with me while watching the next table. Thankfully for all of us , Jep refrained from leaning over and telling Mr. Fincher how much he loved Fight Club and Benjamin Button.

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