Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving, the holiday I give myself and this year, like others I seem to wind up in Vegas. I think in the past ten years,I've spent at least eight years observing the start of our national land grab from the native americans in Las Vegas.
I gotta admit, I do kind of enjoy it.I had to spend time there prior because of work commitments but now, it just seems like my own personal tradition. Not as crowded as you'd think midweek and well, Vegas is Vegas. Spent this year with an ex-stripper from LA going down memory lane. Definitely one for the books. You've gotta love someone who borrows money from you and says "put it on my tab".
This is Downtown on Fremont. I love the neon and the color.
Binion's is the best for $3 blackjack and their steakhouse isn't too bad either. Harrahs owns it now and it wasn't quite as Old School (seedy) as I remembered it but good.

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