Saturday, April 3, 2010

Los Angeles-A week in review part 1

Home for a week! Very nice. Had to visit the franchise partner at USC earlier this week and stopped at Langers in the Westlake-MacArthur Park area for a late lunch. The most perfect sandwich in the world! The number #19 at Langers. Whoof!
Pastrami, crunchy cold slaw, swiss cheese and russian dressing on rye. I lurve this sandwich

Beautiful all week. Was suppose to rain mid week but only happen during the night. Went up to Griffith Park in the afternoon and hung out at the observatory. All of Los Angeles from Pasadena to the sea were on view.

The observatory was packed with kids on field trips, families on Easter/Passover break. Got a few shots off but way too many people

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  1. While I am flattered that you liked my photo and used it ... you should learn how to credit and/or ask permission before using an ALL RIGHTS RESERVED photo.