Saturday, July 17, 2010

travels and the voice of reason (my dinner with Kathryn)

Been a LONG week. Started Monday in LA and then had to fly up for the Chico/Redding transaction. In Chico for the transition and then just making my way down the coast. Bloody hot in Chico. This is great smoothie weather. Had to drive back down to Emeryville to drop off all the paperwork from the transaction and had lunch with the lovely Carol. She knows how to pick the spots. Ate at Dopo in the Piedmont neighborhood in Berkeley. Great lunch and conversation. Peets agrees with her.
Had to tour the Wine country Safeway kiosks the next day so I got a great hotel deal from hotwire for the Berkeley area. The Claremont Hotel for $65 plus parking. Nice! Beautiful old hotel. Had my graduation dinner from Cal here with my family. I checked in just as the sun was down. The view was spectacular, the City was beautiful from the veranda.

Finished up with Brendan at Safeway and met Kathryn for dinner in Marin at the Buckeye Roadhouse.
Great food and conversation with Kathryn. I tried again to get her to name the baby Thor but she won't budge. I think Thor Daniels has quite a ring to it but she apparently doesn't think so. The lure of paid college tuition wasn't as big a persuader as I thought.
I still have 4 months to change her mind. Jeff is considering it.
Took this as I left on Friday morning. Had to drive down to San Luis Obispo for a race that Jamba participated in. Arrived in SLO and made 1200 smoothies for the event today (Saturday)The race was a run from Morro Rock to the pier. Morning started a little foggy and cold but it burned off and was a beautiful day in Central California.

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