Saturday, May 16, 2009

feats of clay or how I spent my afternoon with old people in an really hot building on a really hot day

In sacramento and spending time with my dad and mom. Wanted to get mom out of the house and do something normal so we went to Lincoln for the Annual Feats of Clay tour. In Lincoln, the Gladding McBean terra cotta factory has been producing most of the architectural terra cotta facades on buildings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and points in between since 1875. Most of the buildings and the facades on them in downtown LA , that I have been obsessed with and photographed, were produced in Lincoln.

The tour was ok. Lots of old people, a group of annoying women in red hats and in touch with their inner diva that apparently couldn't shut up for the tour guide to explain what we were seeing.

Did I also mention that it was 100 degrees today and we were in a building that was actually firing items up in the kiln? Yeah it was hot

Not a lot of great shots, I had trouble with the light in the building.

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