Friday, September 24, 2010

End of Summer

Went Wine tasting with Bill and Dana. Did not end the way I anticipated. That's all I'm saying. We went to Los Olivios and Lompoc in the Central Coast. Did a tasting with the vintner at Prodigal Winery. Did barrel tasting....lots of barrel tasting.

I came back with a lot of wine which Chris, Tami and Anne will happily drink. I am on water and soda for the next few months. There's only so much tannin a body can absorb.

Went to the Santa Monica farmers market with Chris and had dim sum after. A nice way to spend part of the day.

Parked my car for the Hollywood market the other morning and took this shot. Been on the side of the building for so long and yet no one screws with it. Amazing

End of summer means the end of peaches and plums, my favorite fruits. I will gorge while I can.

Breakfast from the stand on Selma. A cheese and black bean pupusas. Yum-o and only $2.50

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