Sunday, November 14, 2010

driving up the central coast

Spent my Sunday driving up the coast for a early morning meeting in San Luis Obispo tomorrow. Laura, my franchise training manager flew into the Santa Barbara airport from Denver. Picked her up and we drove up to San Luis Obispo along the 101.
I really take this drive for granted and seeing the coast and the central coast through someone else's perspective was interesting. The vineyards are now lines of gold on the hills next to the 101. So beautiful. I know the leaves will be gone by my next trip. Should have taken a shot, maybe on the way back down the coast

We had dinner in Avila Beach at the custom house. Food was ok but the view was spectacular. It was 75 degrees today and warm and balmy this evening. Really nice day.

The sunset was amazing, lots of orange, red and purple in the sky.

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