Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wandering hither and yon

Two days after Christmas and I am in Denver for the re franchise of this market. Nice thing about travel during the holidays is that the hotel rates are dirt cheap between Christmas and New Years. Scored a sweet deal at the Hotel Monaco in Denver. HMMMM....200 ct sheets. free cheese and wine in the lobby... Located down a few blocks off of the 16th Street Mall. Downtown Denver has really stepped up it's game since I last spent time here in the late '90s.

Back on my trudge towards fitness so I had a nice brisk walk each morning and evening. The downtown had really gotten into the holiday spirit and everything was lit up each night. Very colorful.

Union Station was beautiful. Shot this one night after we had finished inventories for the day.

Charles, one of my co-workers had an idea for the second day. "How about a light hike Sue?" hard can that be?


6000 ft above sea level on the trails above Boulder. About half way through the "light" hike from Hell, I seriously saw my life pass before my eyes. I think I had a "light heart attack."
Epiphany: I don't want to die fat. Back on the treadmill and running. I am going to get back in shape if it kills me, or if I don't make an attempt, this current lifestyle will kill me anyway so I don't really have a choice.

Adios omelet with panchetta, turkey sausage and fontina cheese, smothered in roasted rosemary potatoes and red pepper. Hello Special K and oatmeal.

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