Saturday, December 11, 2010

The weather and other topics

This week is the kind of week that makes me realize why everyone moved to California. It is December and 80 degrees outside. The Santa Anas are blowing as well so it is perfect weather and clear as a bell. You can see from Downtown LA to the Ocean. I had to visit two University sites yesterday. First to review the upcoming Winter launch at Pepperdine and the opening process at Cal Lutheran. I finished up at Pepperdine around 3 pm and decided to take the alternate route home. The 1o1 south after 3 pm is parking lot back to Hollywood in my opinion so I thought the Pacific Coast Highway to Sunset Blvd route would be less time and a lot more scenic. Its a lot more scenic, less time..... no. I completely forgot that the overpass at the 405 is under construction so from the Pacific Palisades to Bel Air was bumper to bumper. Still, while I was stuck in traffic, the view along the way with the top down was pretty nice.

Traffic was bumper to bumper until I got past the Sunset overpass at the 405. Once I got past that and the gates at Bel Air, it was a pretty quick trip. Zoomed through Beverly Hills and then got stuck in a little traffic on the Sunset trip. Kind of nice to move slowly through and be able to take some quick shots from the car.

This was actually before the Whiskey a Go Go. I loved the color of the sky and the buildings just as dusk changed to night.
Got home in time to meet Dana and Bill for dinner downtown at Pete's. We all ordered the hanger steak with fries. Mixed it up this time and ordered the Chipotle Fries with the steak. I still had to have the blue cheese fries so we did that as the app. My arteries are now 95% clogged.

Outside of the restaurant, these lights were strung along the street as far as the eye could see. I don't think my photo does it justice. Really beautiful.

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