Friday, March 11, 2011

King of Fling

Busy week and I am coasting on fumes right now. Spent most of the week doing divisional meetings with Vons to align everyone on the priorities and operational expectation. I stayed at the Roosevelt this week for the meetings in Burbank. we started at 7 am each day and I didn't want to fight traffic from Long Beach to be on time. Had a fantastic dinner with the Damianos and Tami's brother as well in the Roosevelt's new dinner house.

Yesterday, I had to meet with the Long Beach Convention Center for their upcoming opening. I had to check out the site in the convention center during the visit. Much to my delight, the bass fishing and boat show was in the house. I was walking back from the potential site when I passed this sign:

knife throwing show!!!
Jack Dagger?!! THE KING OF FLING?!!
how awesome would it have been to stay and see the show. I love the fact that someone can make a living touring the country throwing knives at someone else.

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