Wednesday, February 23, 2011

highs and lows

Just got back from Denver tonight. I had meetings with Safeway and with the traditional franchise operator the past few days.
I forgot what I hated about Denver until the plane was about to land on Tuesday. The pilot announced that "it will be a little bumpy coming into Denver".
What he should have said was " the plane will shudder like God has it in his firm grip and is shaking the plane like a baby's rattle". THAT would be closer to the actual landing.

Once on the ground, I had a pretty good visit. Charles and I had breakfast at Little Anita's on Broadway. Potato and bacon burritos with green chili. That was good! I was gulping water for an hour after to control the burn in my gut.

Saw this driving through Littleton on our way to the Highland's Ranch store. I wonder if Idiot lane is close by. Jackass Hill could you imagine that as your address?

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