Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'll get that done later

I was suppose to spend this weekend packing up all my possessions for the impending move....

Suppose to but instead I grab my camera and spent Saturday taking pictures. I took the shot above in Silverlake. I've photographed this wall before but wasn't satisfied with the results. This turned out much better with the light and newer camera.

Liked this shot outside of the 101 cafe on Franklin. Felt like a paparazzi in the stealth shot. Most people today don't like getting their pictures taken. He didn't notice.
Still the best place to see a movie. Karen and I had dinner and then a movie on Friday. The King's Speech is playing in the dome. Not sure that should be seen in that large of a screen but ok.
Gave up on attempting to pack and have called a moving company to do the move next week.

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