Monday, January 10, 2011

action packed weekend

Not a bad weekend, movies, movies and more movies would be the headline. I had a chance to settle back in after a few weeks on the road. Had a great dinner and movie night with Chris, Tami and Dante on Friday night.

Started Saturday with a brisk walk down Beachwood and back up to the cafe for breakfast. Sherry and the "bitches" were all working. She had a quiet Christmas and New Years.Sherry spent New Years Day at the track. Apparently the track at Santa Anita is open on New Years and races run. I did not know that and have filed that tidbit of info away for future options.

Hadn't seen Dana in a while so we met up for dinner at Off Vine and then went to the Arclight to see True Grit. we had a great dinner and it was nice spending time catching up with her. Hadn't seen each other since mid December.

Good meal.Off vine has hit their groove again after the long closure this past year. New menu but still great atmosphere and service. We finished with the chocolate souffle.
Listen, I know what you're thinking.
" Sue, how does a chocolate souffle jive with your trudge towards fitness?"
Good Question.
Chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and a souffle is made with egg whites. Really not that fattening. At least that's what Dana and I figured.

Saw True Grit in the Dome. The current art exhibit is a painter that does portraits of movie characters. This was the best one. The others were kind of cheesey.

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