Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Look at us....we're ACTING!!"

Full day yesterday. I had meetings with a franchise owner in Downtown LA and then had to visit the USC location. My friend Scott has season tickets to the 2011Broadway/LA season at the Pantages Theater.He asked me if I wanted to join him on Wednesday to see the play Hair. Against my better judgement, I agreed.
Please note: I do not like live theater as a general rule. Some plays I like, most by Rogers and Hammerstein. Shows my friends Tami and Chris might be in. Not much else.
I chaff at watching people "act". This use to irritate my Uncle quite a bit. He referred to me as a Philistine.
Any way, luckily Scott and I hit happy hour at the W Hotel prior to the play so I spent the first acts in a pleasant haze. The drinks wore off by the end but not a bad night. Don't necessarily want to sit through Hair again but a fun night with Scott. FYI, Hair has not aged well. The music is great the story is a train wreck.

Driving home through downtown LA , I saw this at Vermont and 23rd street. Really cool.
Stopped and started taking photos. Two men were handing out fliers on the street for a gathering at Griffith Park this weekend to get signatures for Michael Jackson for the Nobel Prize.
I know, really? They were very nice so I kept all my snarky comments to myself on their endeavor. Their information can be found at
They have a band and were very interesting to talk to once we got off the subject of Michael Jackson and the Nobel Prize

Close up of Jimi. The work done on him and the whole wall was very cool. Che was not quite as sharp but still quite striking.

The artist that is around Hollywood is doing murals of young Chicana women. The one above is on the old MGM central casting building at Hollywood and Western. The one below is on Wilton and Hollywood Blvd. I love the colors and detail in both.
This was off of Wilshire just past MacArthur Park. Either a lot of people have been killed in that area or there is a cornucopia of illegal drugs to be bought. Looked cool all hanging up against the blue building.
In Vegas now for a meeting tomorrow. staying at the Vdara. This was the view from my room at sunset. Having dinner with Al in a few minutes. He sounded pretty cheerful on the phone. Perhaps Al has turned over a new leaf. We'll see.

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