Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 7: Chris and Sue happen upon a goldmine

A quite uneventful weekend that ended with a bang. I am in process of preparing for my move to the beach and had planned to go to Long Beach on Sunday but Susanne wasn't feeling well so that trip came to naught.

Plan B was to hang out with Chris for the afternoon in LA. The weather was crappy on Sunday so we thought a movie would be the best way to spend the afternoon. We got to the theater early, bought tickets and decided to have lunch and a drink before the show across the way.

If we had been in front of a slot machine and pulled the handle, it would have been all 7s.

The restaurant must have been short staffed so they threw a busboy behind the bar.
.... A busboy who apparently has never heard of the three count rule or a pour cost.
We ordered drinks and the afternoon was on. I took a sip and he looked at me and asked if the drink was OK." Fine", I managed to choke out.
Chris ordered a scotch and he filled it to THE RIM! This is it after a few sips. The busboy cum bartender then topped off the drink. It was awesome!

After the movie, Tami and Dante met us for dinner and conversation and a wee bit o' shopping. Dante picked out his dinner ensemble. This is the rugged boy miner look. Tres chic.

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