Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things I wouldn't advise doing.....

Busy day yesterday. Cal Lutheran finally opened for business. The team is great and I think the site will do well. Students don't start back until today(Tuesday) so they weren't expecting a lot of business yesterday. The word got around though on campus that the store was open and they were busy. 85 degree weather helps as well. The only issue was the building's lack of air conditioning. The University planned to install air in a few weeks. The building was 90 degrees inside at 9 am. Not good. If this weather holds through the weekend, it is going to be a challenge. The facilities department came out and now plan to install this weekend.
Drove over to Pepperdine at noon to check-in with that group and then headed down to Santa Monica for an early dinner with my friend John.

Ocean Avenue Seafood
This is John's dinner. Oysters Rockfeller. Looked good but I am still on my march towards fitness so I went with the ceviche and a half dozen raw oysters. Good but with the warmer weather,I don't think it was the smartest food choice. I wouldn't advise it again.
The sunset was beautiful. The drive home...not so much. Took two hours to get home. Ocean to Main to Pico to La Cienega to Foutain to Gower to home.
Too much driving.

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